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Job Posting: Cad Cam Digital Dental Technologist
1 Ensure all material manufacturers’ instructions are being followed. Any deviations from manufacturer should be approved by upper management.
2 Make sure all Rx’s are being followed in your department.
3 Ensure design team is provided with up to date knowledge on settings and preferences.
4 Work with designers to improve their skills when necessary.
Fill-in at the bench when needed.
5 Spot-check incoming work. (bites, copings, opaque, abraded dies, etc.)
6 Spot Check outgoing work
7 Field customer service calls correctly and handle in a professional manner when needed.
8 Ensure that your department is working as a team and displaying a good attitude.
9 Send people home according to production levels. (Get General Manager’s acknowledgment prior to sending an employee home).
10 Ensure that all software issues are addressed with IT and all machine problems are addressed with maintenance within 48 hours – keep maintenance informed of any equipment needing repair.
11 Select and train a back-up to your position in cases of absences e.g. sick or on vacation.
12 Introduce all new employees to department technicians.
13 Communicate with your department regarding all company events, new policies, or other pertinent information.
14 Maintain department supplies and prevent hoarding or excess inventory of supplies.
15 Evaluate each person in your department once a year according to their anniversary at a minimum.
16 All major department changes must be discussed with the GM, prior to implementation.
17 Ensure Time-Off Requests or time card issues are submitted to HR in a timely manner.
18 Ensure absenteeism and tardiness is keep to a minimum. Contact HR for documentation.
19 Approve and schedule employee’s PTO to prevent employees in critical positions from being out at the same time.
20 Keep departments clean and organized.
21 Ensure new employees receive proper training.
22 Make sure you have adequate staff to perform department duties. Requests requires upper management approval.
23 Perform other duties or projects as assigned by management.

Will Consider International Candidates?: no
Primary Language:
Secondary Language:
Posting Number: 13370

Job Posting: Ceramist
Will Consider International Candidates?: no
Primary Language:
Secondary Language:
Posting Number: 13375

Job Posting: Department Manager
Responsibilities: Experience/Qualifications:
Minimum of five (5) years experience in C&B and another two (2) year`s experience in a technical supervision or management capacity.
Excellent Attention to Detail
Efficient and effective time management
· Excellent communication skills (both oral and written)

· Extensive knowledge of dental terminology and anatomy, logistics, and production scheduling
Must quickly learn company`s products

· Experience with Microsoft Office Suite

· Must be able to manage people, processes and technology as required.

Will Consider International Candidates?: no
Primary Language:
Secondary Language:
Posting Number: 13378

Job Posting: Cosmetic Ceramist Specialist
Responsibilities: Position: Dental Master Ceramist/Technician
Complete all phases of crown and bridge fabrication, from model work to finished stained and glazed restorations, using two (2), years of chairside (dental office) experience with impression making, clinical photography, shade matching and modification, and adjusting of dental prosthesis, as well as two (2), years` experience with digital dentistry for Intra-Oral Scan cases, and ceramic and Zirconia restorations.
Will Consider International Candidates?: no
Primary Language:
Secondary Language:
Posting Number: 13358

Job Posting: Crown and Bridge Technician
Responsibilities: Position: Experienced Dental Lab Technician
Major Duties & Responsibilities
• Construct prostheses by following the dentist`s prescription, make models of the mouth and teeth from impressions of the patient`s mouth, build-up wax replicas of the mouth and/or teeth on the model, encase the wax in a mold material and melt away the wax, replace the wax with plastic, metal, or ceramic materials to make the replacement appliance, polish and finish the appliance.
• Correct dental irregularities by manufacturing fixed or removable appliances.
• Complete implant procedures by fabricating prostheses to fit implants the dentist places directly into the patient`s jawbone.
• Replace partial or total loss of natural teeth by constructing partial or full dentures (metal and non-metal).
• Replace missing facial and body tissues due to injury, disease, or development abnormality by fabricating maxilla-facial prostheses.
• Utilize and conserve supplies and equipment by completing plaster casting, electro-spot welding, metal casting, metal polishing, wax modeling, ceramics, wire bending, electroplating and sandblasting, use CAD/CAM units, maintain inventories, keep equipment operating.
• Possess artistic instincts with attention to detail.

Will Consider International Candidates?: no
Primary Language:
Secondary Language:
Posting Number: 13364

Job Posting: Department Manager
Responsibilities: Position: Crown & Bridge / Implants General Manager
Major Duties & Responsibilities:Lead and manage department supervisors
Ensure production is on schedule, making proactive decisions to keep all departments running on schedule and not exceeding the late work percentage maximum goal
Maintain external remake percentage goals by ensuring quality products are being delivered that meet quality standards
Provide advice and technical solutions to technicians/supervisors on problematic cases that ensure they satisfy customer quality demands and laboratory delivery times
Hold payroll percentage at or under crown and bridge payroll percentage goal
Ensure all manufacturer instructions are being followed
Know and enforce company policies and safety guidelines
Public speak on occasion to study club groups and seminars
Prevent over consumption and abundance of supplies
Ensure all machine/equipment problems are addressed with maintenance promptly
Communicate with upper management on department needs
Communicate with clients as needed

Will Consider International Candidates?: no
Primary Language:
Secondary Language:
Posting Number: 13363

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