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Reg Goulding – VIDEO 1 “Superior Office Solutions”

Hi, I am Reg Goulding, President of Dental Career Services …been proudly serving you since
 1998 matching thousands of Dental Technicians with Laboratory Owners across the United States and

We’ve got a “New” Service to assist you because we “know”  that as Dental Laboratory Owners and
Managers, you’ve got important things to be doing and you don’t have the time to put into searching
our  Database of over 25,000 Dental Technicians and Professionals looking for Work …so we have a
“New” S.O.S. Service (Superior Office Services … we call it) where we have Staff Members who will
search the Database for you for the Candidates you’re looking for, screen them and qualify them,  and
set up appointments for you.   In addition to that, the S.O.S. Team will post the “Jobs”  that you’re
looking for in different ways to ensure that Dental Technicians are attracted to your Postings , because
we also know that you don’t have time to do that.

So, we have “expanded” our Services to serve you …There is (ARE) NO ADDITIONAL FEES FOR THIS.   We
have  a “Special” going on …a “Limited Time” - “Special” going on …with regards to offering this Service.
So, please, contact us at your earliest convenience.
We look forward to continuing to serve you with your Employment  needs.    We have many more
Services  …”coming down the Pipe” that we’re looking forward to sharing with you.

If you’ve not already clicked …on the:  “DCS TV” – “LINK” …and watched the Video by the NLN (National  Laboratory Network) …Dr. Mark Murphy is interviewing me and the Topic is:
 “HOW TO HIRE PEOPLE WHO DON’T SUCK THE LIFE AND MONEY OUT OF YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS” …It’s a “Great”  Video …with “a lot” of good Tips!   Please …give it a…give it a watch and give us a call!
Our Toll-Free Number is:   800-874-4133 …That’s 800-874-4133.
Look forward to serving you for many years.   THANKS for listening!

Reg Goulding – VIDEO 2 “Job seeker Services”

Hi, I am Reg Goulding, President of Dental Career Services …proudly serving Dental Technology since
1998 matching hundreds  of Dental Technicians with Laboratory Owners  and many, many Industry
Professionals with Industry Leaders and Dental Laboratories.

We’re pleased to offer …several “New”  Services to you Jobseekers out there; although, all of our Website
Services are FREE to Jobseekers up until this date, we’ve added some “New” things that will help you
accelerate  and expand your opportunities to find that New Career.

  1.  Resume Sender – “Resume Sender”  is done simply and easily by you getting in touch with our

Staff letting us know the geographical area where you want to re-locate, or, the geographical area that you’re  in.    In our Database, we have ALL the Dental Laboratories across the United States and Canada and all the Manufacturers …so, we can target a geographical area for you AND introduce you to those Businesses …you’ll need to follow up yourself …but, we’ll make sure that you get your Resume out there in a professional and timely manner.    So …think about “Resume Sender.”

  1. S.O.S. (Superior Office Services) – What our Staff will do is in addition to sending Resumes out to the Businesses and Laboratories in your chosen geographical area, we will contact all those Businesses, find out if they’re looking for someone  with your qualifications, introduce you to them, and set up appointments for you.   This is a “New” Service that’s available across many, many industries and we’re proud to do it for you, now, as Professionals in the Dental Technology Industry.

 The 3rd thing we’ve offered since 1998 …and that’s our …

  1. Executive Recruiting Services (Since 1998) – For Professionals …like yourselves …who have 5-7 years or more in the Industry and you’re looking for “Top Notch” Jobs , please contact our Executive Recruiting Department.    There is NO FEE FOR YOU for this.   The LABORATORY OWNERS …Some of them out there …”PAY US” A FEE to find “Top Notch” Dental Technicians.   So, please contact our Office …You can talk to Loretta Burns, the Executive Director of our Executive Recruiting Services to find out more information.
  2. Another  thing you want to do in closing is …IF YOU’VE NOT ALREADY “CLICKED” …on the DCS TV - “LINK” (/Website URL:   http://www.dentalcareerservices.com …There is an Interview there that I am doing with Dr. Mark Murphy and the Title is:

This is an “Excellent” …“Excellent” Interview for you as Jobseekers to listen to and watch.    It’s gonna give you a GREAT  IDEA …on WHAT TO DO & WHAT LABORATORY OWNERS ARE LOOKING FOR.

So …PLEASE …CLICK (DCS TV – “LINK”) on OUR WEBSITE, (URL:   http://www.dentalcareerservices.com) CONTACT US AT OUR TOLL-FREE NUMBER …1-800-874-4133 …that’s 1-800-874-4133.   We have Staff here looking forward to serving you.  
Have a Great Day …AND …Good Luck in your Career! END.

Miles Andrey – VIDEO 3 “Buy and Sell Dental Lab Equipment”


Miles here …with Dental Career Services to announce our “New” Service entitled:

It’s easy to do …Simply Visit:
URL http://www.dentalcareerservices.com 
Call “Toll-Free” (1-800-874-4133)…One of our Associates are standing by …READY & ABLE TO HELP YOU!

So, again …Call us “Toll-Free”:    1-800-874-4133 or
Visit us Online at:
URL http://www.dentalcareerservices.com proudly serving Dental Technology since

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