Dental Lab Technician – CAD CAM Designer

Job Title: CAD/CAM Designing Technician                            


Education: High School Diploma or equivalence


Compensation: 28-35 per Hourly


Description: CAD/CAM Designing Technician is required to read, comprehend, and fill the prescription provided by the dentist. The instructions on the prescriptions are used in conjunction with the impression of the patient’s mouth to replicate life-like tissue using wax and/or other approved materials.


Reporting: Department Managers


Appraisal/Review: Bi-Yearly




       1.   Read the Rx

       2.   Problem solve

       3.   Think independently and critically

       4.   Make decisions

       5.   Ask questions when uncertain

       6.   Follow oral and written instructions/directions

       7.   Follow all current and future policies and procedures of this Lab.

       9.   Properly use all instruments and equipment

       10. Be able to work independently and in teams

       11. Keep work area organized free of debris and clutter

       12. Order supplies according to policies set in place


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