Ceramist- contour/layering Technician

Job Title: Ceramic Contour/Layering Technician  

Shift: Days

Salary: 27-32 per hour

Full Benefits                 


Education: High School Diploma or equivalent




1.     Ability to read and write.

2.     Must be able to sit and/or stand for long periods of time.

3.     Dental knowledge is a plus but not required.

4.     Experience in other areas of dentistry, artistry, CAD/CAM (computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing), production, construction, food industry, or any other position requiring hand-eye coordination is preferred (such as nail technician, jeweler, mechanic, hair dresser, camera/watch repair, etc.)

5.     A positive attitude with a willingness to learn and attention to detail.



Compensation: Hourly


Description: Ceramic contouring technician is required to read, comprehend, and fill the prescription provided by the dentist. The instructions on the prescription (Rx) are used in conjunction with the impression of the patient’s mouth to replicate life-like restorations utilizing zirconia, lithium disilicate, and/or other approved materials. After training (as needed), demonstrates knowledge of tooth anatomy, form, contour, and function along with mandibular movements and mastication, which is required to properly reproduce anatomical crowns/bridges for esthetics and function. Technician must ensure marginal integrity, ensure there is a proper bite for developing occlusion and function, and verify/achieve proper contacts (proximal/occlusal/incisal) on all restorations. Layering: In addition, upon further training, provides accurate anatomical build-up through layering prescribed restorative material to different areas of the crown/framework. Correct and complete restoration by carving in fit, form, and function to meet doctor requirements. MUST BE ABLE TO STACK AND CONTOUR PORCELAN WITH KNOWLEDE ON REMOVABLE AND IMPLANTS.



The technician works directly with ceramics specially formulated for this industry. The technician will utilize proper grinding tools (handpiece, burs, etc.) along with various dental artistic brushes to achieve proper contour, esthetics, and function.   Technician will ensure all restorations are at the proper thickness and dimensions to meet minimum clinical guidelines for material functionality, harmony with existing dentition, patient comfort, and doctor’s guidelines and preferences.


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