Denture Set-Up Technician


SPECIALTY UNIT: Denture SET- UP Technician

LOCATION: Birmingham, AL


JOB TYPE: Full-Time Permanent


Job Description:


The primary function of the Production Technician position is to perform various production tasks associated with the manufacturing of custom dental prosthetic products.  




All Production Technicians are encouraged to expand and enhance their individual skills and become qualified to perform tasks and duties in multiple areas. This cross-training will improve company production flexibility and will be a significant factor in determining the Production Technician’s assigned rate of pay.

The following duties and responsibilities apply to all Production Technicians:  

·      Responsible for performing all assigned tasks and duties productively and efficiently.

·      Responsible for performing all assigned tasks and duties with strict adherence to all standard procedures established for performance of those tasks and duties.

·      Responsible for performing all assigned tasks and duties in a manner that results in finished products that meet all company quality standards as well as full compliance with all client requirements as communicated through the prescription, impressions, and written instructions.

·      Responsible for strict compliance with all company and Production function policies, procedures, and rules.

·      Whenever the Production Technician is authorized to have direct contact and communication with a client, the Production Technician is responsible for adherence to all client interaction standards and for handling the communication in a positive, professional, and business like manner.  

·      Responsible for performing all tasks and duties in a manner that is personally cooperative and supportive of all other team members. Responsible for communicating and interacting effectively with other Production Technicians as well as with employees in other company functions. Teamwork is essential to the business success of the company and this requires the full cooperation and active support of all employees.



Job Benefits:

·     401K

·     Paid Training

·     Relocation Packet – for some positions/higher end

·     Transportation Reimbursement

·     Health Plan – Medical

·     Paid Holiday

·     Accrual of PTO – Personal/Sick/Medical Leave

·     Paid Vacation

·     Life Insurance – company offers up to one time of annual salary

Ex: 40K annually will earn 4K in Life Insurance benefits

The hourly rate may range from $15.00-$25.00.




·      A High School diploma or equivalent is required with no exception. Any college degree, trade school training, or post-secondary coursework is highly desired preferably in a field related to Dentistry.



·      There are no licensing, registration, or certification requirements for this position. However, Production Technicians are strongly encouraged to become a Certified Dental Technician (CDT) for one or more of the specialties for dental prosthetics.  



·      There are no formal work experience requirements. However, any and all prior hands-on experience fabricating dental prosthetics will be highly advantageous.  



·      Must have interpersonal and communication skills including the ability to work effectively in a team environment.

·      The ability to quickly understand case requirements based on prescriptions, dental impressions, and written instructions that routinely are provided by the client (dentist and/or dental office staff) and perform production activities to fabricate dental prosthetics that meet all client requirements.

·      Must have the ability to understand the capabilities and appropriate use of laboratory and industrial equipment and machinery for production of dental prosthetic products.  

·      Must have an appreciation for the critical importance of producing high quality custom dental prosthetic products to assure client satisfaction.

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