Dental Lab Technician – Denture Set Up


SPECIALTY UNIT: Dental Technician – Denture Set Up



JOB TYPE: Full-Time Permanent

Job Description:


The Denture Set Up Technician is required to read, comprehend, and fill the prescription provided by the dentist.


The instructions are used in conjunction with articulated casts of the patient’s mouth to replace one or all missing teeth with prosthetic denture teeth.


The technician must have a good working knowledge of technical terminology, tooth morphology, physiology, and know all the anatomical landmarks necessary to achieve a balanced and functional tooth arrangement.



·        Read the Rx

·        Problem solves

·        Think independently and critically

·        Make decisions

·        Ask questions when uncertain

·        Follow oral and written instructions/directions

·        Follow all current and future policies and procedures of R-dent Dental Lab

·        Accurately use millimeter ruler

·        Properly use all instruments and equipment

·        Be able to work independently and in teams

·        Keep work area organized free of debris and clutter

·        Order supplies according to policies set in place


Criteria for Setting Teeth:


·        Teeth selected must be of the correct size and mold for the case being set up.

·        They must be set in the correct labial contour.

·        They must be set to the correct long axis, gingival lengths, and contours.

·        Incisal length must match abutment teeth.

·        Anteriors must be set up with 2mm overjet and 1mm overbite.

·        Posterior teeth must be set in a cusp to fossa relationship meaning upper-lingual cusps contacting the lower-central fossa.

·        Technicians setting dentures must know the correct cusp angle on posterior teeth and know which tooth is supposed to be used on each particular case.

·        Cusp angles are to be determined by the remaining anatomical ridge (i.e. 0, 5, 15).

·        All denture set ups must be set in working and balanced occlusion.

·        Denture and partial set ups must have group function.


Skill Levels for Set Up Technicians: 

Skill Level 1:

  • Must be able to set teeth on repairs and flippers
  • Must be able to set teeth on cast partials and acrylic partials
  • Must be able to set and prep teeth on flexible partial
  • Supervisor will pre-select teeth or approve selected teeth before set up


Skill Level 2:

  • Must be able to set teeth on single unit/1×14 dentures
  • Must be able to set flat-plane teeth
  • Must be able to set teeth in lingualized occlusion
  • Must be able to set anatomical and characterized set ups
  • Must be able to set teeth in working and balanced occlusion
  • Must be able to select correct size and mould for each case
  • Must be able to set teeth on precision attachment partials
  • Must be able to set teeth obtaining group function
  • Plus production

Skill Level 3:

  • Must be able to set teeth on 1×28/upper and lower dentures
  • Must be able to set teeth on implant overdentures
  • Must understand facial anatomy and physiology
  • Plus production


Job Benefits: 

·        Competitive salary

·        Direct Deposit

·        401K

·        Comprehensive Health, Dental, and Vision benefits

·        Life Insurance

·        Great Work Environment



·        High school graduate or equivalent



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