Dental Lab Technician – Fixed Stain/Glaze/Quality Control


SPECIALTY UNIT: Dental Technician – Fixed Stain/Glaze/QC



JOB TYPE: Full-Time Permanent

Job Description:

Fixed Stain/Glaze/Quality Control Technician is required to read, comprehend, and fill the prescription provided by the dentist. The instructions on the prescriptions are used in conjunction with the impression of the patient’s mouth to replicate life-like tissue through use of stone, wax, metal, ceramics, and other approved materials. Specifically, the technician will be utilizing zirconia, lithium disilicate, and various porcelains to create esthetic restorations with correct shade, sheen/luster, and glaze to mimic natural teeth. Will perform quality control functions including verifying contacts, occlusion, form, and margins to match lab standard and/or doctor preferences. 

The technician works directly with ceramics and metals specially formulated for this industry. The technician will use proper grinding tools as necessary along with artistic brushes to achieve proper shade and restoration surface. Technician will ensure all restorations are at the proper thickness and dimensions to meet mandatory, minimum clinical guidelines for material functionality, harmony with existing dentition, esthetics, and patient comfort. All outgoing restorations will meet doctor/lab standards and preferences.



·        Read the Rx.

·        Problem solves discrepancies.

·        Think independently and critically.

·        Make decisions.

·        Ask questions when uncertain.

·        Follow oral and written instructions/directions.

·        Ability to complete assigned workload as needed.

·        Follow all current and future policies and procedures.

·        Properly use all instruments and equipment.

·        Be able to work independently and in teams.

·        Keep work area organized free of debris and clutter.

·        Utilize, conserve, and order supplies according to policies set in place.


Fixed Stain/Glaze/QC Technician

Skill Level 1:

  • Ability to identify and understand tooth shades
  • Ability to evaluate single crowns for shade, shape, contacts, and surface finish.
  • Can utilize porcelain ovens to achieve glaze and/or corrections.
  • Can perform quality control with oversight.


Skill Level 2:

  • All the above and:
  • Ability to evaluate bridges and complex cases


Skill Level 3:

  • All the above and:
  • Ability to train and counsel Level 1 technicians in troubleshooting and process completion.
  • Can maintain and calibrate porcelain ovens as needed or part of preventative maintenance schedule
  • Can order and maintain supplies as needed to sufficiently perform duties
  • Can perform quality control with minimum feedback or oversight.


Job Benefits:

·        Competitive salary

·        Direct Deposit

·        401K

·        Comprehensive Health, Dental, and Vision benefits

·        Life Insurance

·        Great Work Environment



·        Associates degree (A.A.) or equivalent from two-year college or technical school; or six months to one-year related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

·        Ability to critically read and write effectively.

·        A positive attitude with a willingness to learn.

·        Good communication skills.


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