Dental Lab – Director of Sales & Marketing


SPECIALTY UNIT: Director of Sales & Marketing

LOCATION: Greater Philadelphia, PA


JOB TYPE: Full-Time Permanent


Job Description:


The Director of Sales and Marketing (S&M) reports directly to the General Manager of our Dental Lab. The Director of S&M is responsible for overseeing and assisting with all Sales and Marketing activities. These activities include but are not limited to establishing sales goals, sales planning, customer sales visits, sales reports, market identification, market analysis, market planning, product promotion, product education, and customer support. The Director is responsible for providing leadership and assistance to the Sales and Marketing staff in functioning as a team and in maintaining a highly productive/profitable, cost-effective workplace.




·        Responsible for the quantity and quality of all Sales & Marketing work.

·        Responsible for attending periodic management meetings and providing oral and written reports on S&M activities as required.

·        Responsible for assuring that the S&M department is adequately staffed to successfully implement the S&M plans.

·        Responsible for assisting all S&M department personnel as required to ensure successful completion of all S&M objectives.

·        Responsible for assisting all S&R department personnel as required to perform S&M duties that include but are not limited to:

                                       o Establishing S&M Objectives (goals)

                                       o Developing and maintaining S&M plans

                                       o Performing customer visitations

                                       o Developing and presenting sales reports

                                       o Performing market identification and analysis

                                       o Promoting product

                                       o Providing product education via seminars, group meetings and webinars                                                                                                                                                

                                       o Providing customer support and consultation as required

·        Responsible for the physical layout, organization, and maintenance of the S&M department, including all department material and support equipment.

·        Responsible for monitoring all S&M departmental activities and for identifying new processes and/or associated support equipment and/or additional training to seek continual improvement of departmental operations.

·        Responsible for interviewing and hiring, and training S&M employees.

·        Responsible for appraising performance, rewarding, and disciplining S&M employees and for addressing complaints and resolving problems within the S&M department.


Job Benefits:

·        Competitive salary

·        Direct Deposit

·        401K

·        Health, Life and Disability Insurance benefits

·        Paid time off / Paid Holidays




·        A Bachelor or Associate degree in management or marketing sciences is desirable but not mandatory. May be used in conjunction with less working experience to satisfy the position requirements.

·        Ten (10) or more years’ experience in a dental lab or related environment.

·        Two (2) or more of the ten (10) years in sales and/or marketing of dental lab product.

·        Proven organizational, supervisory and communications skills.

·        Working knowledge of basic computer operations and software including Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint is REQUIRED.

·        Knowledge of dental lab or another database software (Labnet & Supplynet preferred) is highly desirable.

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