Advantages Of Being A Dental Hygienist

Dental Hygienist

The dental industry has several job roles to offer, dental hygienist, being one of them. If you are thinking of becoming a dental hygienist, you may imagine yourself in a white coat assisting the dentist. It is not only a reputed occupation but also has several benefits associated with it. As a dental hygienist, you will not have a stringent timetable and can enjoy a flexible schedule.

Following are some more advantages of being a dental hygienist:

  1. High demand- As a dental hygienist, you can find job opportunities for yourself in all parts of the world, making it a very popular profession. Initially, dental hygienists only worked in dental clinics. However, now you can find them working in nursing homes, hospitals, or group homes. Since people will always need dental care and treatment, a dental hygienist will always be in demand.
  2. Minimal education- Every job will need you to acquire adequate knowledge and skills. However, as compared to other healthcare professions, dental hygienists require less education. You can complete a dental hygienist’s schooling in typically 2-3 years. It means you can become a professional dental hygienist faster than a dentist or nurse and start earning sooner.
  3. Competitive salarySince the need for complex dental care and treatment is growing, there is an increasing demand for qualified and experienced dental hygienists. Therefore, as a dental hygienist, you can command a higher rate for your services and generate a good income for yourself.
  4. No work on holidaysA healthcare worker typically works throughout the year, including holidays. It may be surprising, but, as a dental hygienist, you will not have to work on holidays. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy all holidays and make memories with your loved ones.
  5. No working nights- Most people hate working at night as it means late hours and less sunlight which can negatively affect your health. However, as a dental hygienist, you will not have to work nights. It is one of the very few jobs in the healthcare industry which does not demand you to work at night.
  6. Flexible schedule- As a dental hygienist, you can have flexible work hours. This profession allows you to book your appointments and schedule your day at your convenience. You will also not have to entertain late cancellations as your schedule will be based on your availability.
  7. Comfortable work environment- A dental hygienist works in a comfortable environment. Their workspace is usually well air-conditioned and has a good ventilation system. It is especially helpful if you struggle in hot weather. Your dental office will also be clean, which is very important for good health and hygiene.
  8. Option for career advancement- As a dental hygienist, you can still go back to school and get a bachelor’s or master’s degree. It will further open several career opportunities for you and help you fetch a higher salary.

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