Difference Between Periodontist And Endodontist


Two of the most common dentistry professionals are periodontists and endodontists. However, there seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding them.

Your regular dentist can pretty much do everything endodontists and periodontists can. But, the only difference is that the latter are specialists in their field and possess more experience and understanding of their respective fields.

Before deciding whom you should refer to, go through this blog to better understand how periodontists and endodontists differ from each other.

What is an endodontist?

An endodontist is a highly trained and skilled dentist specialist. They use advanced techniques to treat complex tooth problems related to the dental pulp and root tissues. They aim to relieve you from the pain while saving your natural tooth.

What is a periodontist?

A periodontist is a dentist who prevents, diagnoses, and treats your gum disease. They also help you manage symptoms of advancing gum problems, such as oral inflammation.

Endodontist vs. Periodontist: Education

The education of periodontists and endodontists greatly differs after they complete their initial education. They have to get an undergraduate degree and complete four years of dental school. Then, both the specialists continue with more classes and training.

●      Endodontist

They have to undergo three years of additional training to acquire the specialization. During this training, they learn about the inside teeth pulp and how to treat problems that may affect them. Endodontists also learn how to administer local pain medication, perform microsurgery, perform root canal treatments, reduce patients’ discomfort, and more.

●      Periodontist

After attending dental school, they have to complete a three-year residency program. During this course, they learn about the problems potentially affecting the gums. Periodontists also study the surgical and non-surgical treatments for these problems.

Endodontist vs. Periodontist: Conditions treated

Both endodontists and periodontists treat different dental problems. Endodontists treat issues pertaining to the inside of teeth. On the other hand, periodontists specialize in treating gums and surrounding bones.

●      Endodontist

They treat several dental problems, including swelling, redness, tooth sensitivity, cracks, or regular pain in teeth. These problems may also be a sign of infection inside your tooth pulp. Cracked teeth can lead to bacteria growth which would need root canal treatments, and if you experience pain post this treatment, you may have to undergo endodontic surgery.

If you are experiencing localized swelling on your gums and the x-ray shows signs of inflammation inside the tooth, you must consult an endodontist.

●      Periodontist

They treat the problems that negatively affect the health of your gums. For example, periodontists help prevent gum disease, treat existing gum problems, and maintain your gum health. Moreover, they can also treat cosmetic problems, like gum pockets or receding gums. If you are experiencing inflammation in the gums and are concerned about their appearance, you must consult a periodontist.

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