Different Types Of Dental Clinical Jobs

A dental assistant

There is a lot of hard work that goes into running a successful dental clinic. Other than dentists themselves, there are a number of individuals that work in a dental clinic.

Here are some of the most important dental clinic jobs:

Dental assistant

As a dental assistant you play a very important role in maintaining the overall quality of workplace efficiency and dental treatment. A dental assistant’s main job is to bridge the gap between office duties and clinical tasks. They’re responsible for inculcating discipline within the dental office and ensuring a smooth workflow.

They’re in charge of scheduling appointments, greeting and guiding the patients, documenting patient visits, and keeping track of the records. At the same time, a dental assistant also helps prepare the instruments for the dental procedures, sterilize the tools beforehand, and performing x-rays.

They might also be required to assist the dentist. The extent of the tasks varies from one office to another.

Dental hygienist

A dental hygienist’s role is a lot similar to that of a dental assistant. The only difference is that the nature of their work is more on the clinical side.

Technically, a dental hygienist can carry out most tasks that a dental assistant can but they’re more focused on preventative dental care. Patients are more likely to interact with a dental hygienist before their standard dental treatment or examination.

As a dental hygienist, your primary duties include removing tartar and plaque from a patient’s teeth, tracking their dental care, and educating them regarding proper dental hygiene. To get started with the career, you’d need a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene.

Dental technician

A dental technician has a lot more to do with a laboratory. They’re less on the clinical side. A technician’s main role is to create, design, and repair oral devices. These include dentures, bridges, crowns, and implants. A dental technician plays their role in helping individuals deal with conditions such as missing, malformed, or damaged teeth.

In order to create the devices, they need a lot of input and communication from a dentist. They also deal with the drawings and blueprints of a patient’s measurements. You need a dental laboratory technology certification to get started with the job.

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