6 Qualities to Look for In a Dentistry Recruiter


An efficient staff is a key to the success of any organization. Therefore, you must hire top talent for your clinic or hospital. However, hiring the right employee can be a time-consuming process. But, it is worth it to avoid the hassle and expense of recruiting the wrong person. Therefore, your recruiter must have a strong network and the ability to identify which candidate will be best for you. But, if your recruiter is not skilled, it can cost you thousands of dollars.

If you are looking for a dentistry recruiter, look for the following qualities in the candidate:  

  1. Proactiveness- An ideal dentistry recruiter will begin searching for talent long before the demand actually shows up. The recruiter will maintain a database of the top dentists and their strengths, weaknesses, and skillsets. Therefore, they know who has the right experience and skills and who would consider your job offer. They should proactively build a talent pool because they know that the best candidates are already employed but open to better job offers.
  2. Confidence- Working as a recruiter involves a lot of interacting and networking with people, so confidence is essential. If they seem timid or uncertain, they will lack networking skills and won’t be able to hire a top talent pool for your clinic. They must efficiently communicate why your job offer is the one the prospective candidate has been waiting for.
  3. Communication- Recruitment largely depends on communication. Therefore, it is important that the recruiter is good at communicating both in-person as well as via calls/emails. They are responsible for informing the candidates about job descriptions and your organization’s values, mission, and culture. They may also have to convey the bad news to you or the candidate- like a candidate approaching for a job at the wrong time or asking for a higher payout than what you can afford. They must know how to communicate the bad news graciously and salvage the connection.
  4. Target-Driven- It is crucial that the recruiter is focused on their objectives and works well under pressure. Their drive to achieve these objectives define their skills and abilities. They must maintain a growth mindset and develop their skills to become your clinic’s most valuable asset.
  5. Marketing- The recruiter must be able to market and sell the job offer to the top dentistry experts. They should learn about the candidates and their expectations from the job. They should determine employee value propositions and frame attractive job ads. In short, they must know how to attract the top dentistry talent.
  6. Tech-savvy- If you want to stay ahead in the race of finding the best talent, you must use cutting-edge technology. It will enhance the hiring process and the candidate experience. You must use new-age platforms like Zoom to connect with the candidate or an applicant tracking system to collect and evaluate the data of the dentist candidates. Technology makes the hiring process simpler and efficient.

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