8 Skills That Make A Good Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant

You can choose from several dentistry career options, and a dental assistant is one of them. Dental assistants work closely with dentists and dental hygienists to treat patients. With proper education and training, you can become a dental assistant. However, making a great career in dental assisting requires more than certifications. You must also have the right skills and personality.

Following are the top 8 skills that will make you an excellent dental assistant:

  1. Interpersonal skills- As a dental assistant, you need to work closely and interact with dentists and patients. Sometimes, the patient may be suffering from extreme pain and stress, so you should be sensitive to their emotions and help them calm down. Therefore, you must possess excellent interpersonal skills. It will allow you to communicate with the dentist and patients and work with them as a team. These skills will also improve your ability to solve problems and make quick decisions.
  2. Listening skills- Dental assistants need to follow specific rules and protocols. Therefore, you must carefully listen to the patients and other workers to follow the directions. You should ensure you maintain eye contact with the patients while talking. Remember to keep an open mind and not judge the speaker while listening in a conversation. You should also give regular feedback to better understand what the other person is talking about.
  3. Detail-oriented- A dental assistant should be detail-oriented. This will enable you to precisely understand the dental procedures carried out by dentists.  You must be aware of the tasks you have to perform and be keen to explore various aspects of an issue. You should have a proactive attitude, focusing on handling daily tasks and rectifying mistakes.
  4. Dexterity- Generally, you will be working in tight quarters on a small part of the body, using precise tools and machines. Therefore, you should be good at working with your hand and have control of your hand muscles, fingers, and eyes.
  5. Professional appearance- You will be the first person a patient sees when visiting the clinic. You must maintain a professional appearance- wear clean scrubs, safety glasses, surgical masks, and gloves. You should maintain hygiene as you will work very closely with dentists and patients.
  6. Organization skills- A dental assistant must possess organizational skills like physical, mental, and time management skills. You should keep the workplace organized and the tools in the correct place for the dentist’s use. You should be a multi-tasker and keep your mind organized. Keeping the examination stations clean and ready for the next patient will enable the dentist to work smoothly throughout the day.
  7. Basic computer knowledge- Adequate knowledge of computer applications and average keyboarding are some basic computer skills required to perform the duties as a dental assistant, like handling patient files and insurance claims.
  8. Passion- You should love assisting a dentist and take pride in the same. You must make a difference to the patients and genuinely care about them. You should also have a positive attitude towards everything in your life.

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