The 7 Highest Paying Dental Jobs


Getting into the dental world, you can hold significant positions depending upon your educational background and specialization. You can acquire the highest paying jobs with excellent knowledge and expertise in certain specialized areas.

Following are the highest paying dental jobs:

  1. Orthodontist- You will examine and treat unusual teeth problems like misalignment and cavities. You will review X-rays and medical history, plan treatment, and straighten jaws and teeth using retainers and braces. You must hold a bachelor’s degree and complete dental school. Then, you must earn a certificate in orthodontics and acquire a license in the respective state.
  2. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon- You will carry out invasive treatments like prepping the patient’s mouth for complex procedures or removing wisdom teeth. You will also review the referral documents and analyze the patient’s medical history, molds, and X-rays. You must be an undergraduate degree holder, complete dental school, and a 2-3 year residency program in surgical techniques.
  3. Periodontist You will treat the bones and the gums surrounding the jaw using surgical or non-surgical procedures. You will place implants, guide the patient about preventive care, and curate treatment procedures.  You must complete dental school and residency program in gum issues and diseases. You must hold a license for which you would have to pass specific exams.
  4. Endodontist- You will treat tooth conditions and diseases like decay. You will be a specialist in performing dental surgeries, root canals, and placing implants. You will have to complete four years of dental school and undergo training of 2-3 years. You may also have to take a licensing exam.
  5. ProsthodontistYou will be specialized in improving patients’ teeth and mouth functioning and appearance. You will engage in making molds, creating and placing prosthetics, and adjusting them as required. You will need in-depth knowledge of the spine, head, neck, and mouth and a license of the respective state. You must have a bachelor’s degree and undergo a doctoral dental program, specific courses, and training.
  6. Pediatric dentist You will have to examine, treat and educate young patients, from toddlers to teens. You will review their X-rays, recommend treatments, and guide them and their parents about oral hygiene practices. You will require a bachelor’s degree and have to undergo a doctoral dental program. You may also have to pass some licensing tests. Advanced training in a pediatric dentistry residency of about two-three years is essential.
  7. General dentist- You will examine and treat the mouth, including teeth, gums, and other related parts. You will review the X-rays and other necessary documents, identify the problems, make plans for the procedure, remove teeth, fill the cavity, place crowns and implants, and carry out the treatment. You must hold a bachelor’s degree and attend dental school for four years. Then, you will have to give clinical and written exams to get the license which is essential.

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