8 Tips for Safely Visiting the Dentist during COVID-19


The global pandemic has impacted every aspect of our lives. From stores to malls and concerts to schools, safety precautions have been implemented in most public spaces.  Similarly, visiting a dentist during COVID-19, too, is fraught with risks. You must wear masks and avoid contact to minimize the infection risk. Dental clinics also follow safety protocols like screening and regular sanitization of the facility.

If you are also planning to visit a dentist during COVID 19, consider the following tips:

  1. Emergency – You should visit a dental clinic only during emergencies like extreme tooth sensitivity or bleeding gums. You can consult with your dentist on call and ask if you have to visit the clinic.
  2. Prior appointment- Take a prior appointment to avoid crowding and follow social distancing norms. The preparations for a dental operation have increased owing to the covid safety protocols. The dentist will set up the operation room as per your appointment timings.
  3. Payment modes- Clinics and dental practices accept online payments to minimize physical contact between patients and staff. Cash payment is not available. Therefore, make sure that your payment wallets are working.
  4. No attendant- Try and make sure no one accompanies you to the clinic. Doing so may put them and others at risk of getting infected with COVID-19.
  5. Screenings- Dental clinics carry thorough pre and post-appointment screenings of the patient. The receptionist will record your temperature, pulse oximeter readings and also inquire about your medical and travel history. The dentist will offer treatment only after assessing you thoroughly. In order to ensure the safety of others, be completely honest about the state of your health, including any relevant history. 
  6. Waiting in the car- If you arrive early at the clinic, or the dentist is occupied with some work, you should wait in your car until there is no other patient and the clinic has been sanitized.
  7. No magazines or toys- There will be no toys or magazines available at the clinic. So, if you are taking your kid along, it’s a good idea to carry their toys. If you wish to read during your waiting time, you should carry an e-book or an e-magazine with you.
  8. Avoid using restrooms- Dental facility washrooms are common as the staff and patients use them. Many people touch the surfaces and the objects in the restroom. Therefore, you must use the lavatory at home before leaving for the dentist.

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