Types of Careers in Dentistry


To be a part of the dentistry industry may be a dream of yours. However, you do not have to necessarily be a dentist to step into this community. There are various types of careers in dentistry that have different job duties and require specific education and training. If you are wondering about which career to opt for in dentistry, this blog is for you.

Following are some diverse career options in dentistry-

  1. Dental assistant- You will assist a dentist by noting down the patients’ relevant medical history, conducting x-rays, taking molds of teeth, informing the patients about the procedure, and setting up the tools and machines for the treatment. You will also have to schedule appointments and guide patients on oral hygiene. You may have to get an accredited vocational degree.
  2. Orthodontic assistant- You will have to assist an orthodontist by scheduling appointments and gathering patients’ relevant medical history, x-rays, and other required documents. You will also have to prepare the patient for the treatment and set up the equipment. You may require a GED or high school diploma and a vocational program degree.
  3. Dental lab technician You will have to take measurements and make dental prosthetics, like bridges and dentures, to provide comfort and stability for the patient. You may require a vocational degree or certificate in dental prosthetic design and manufacturing.
  4. Dental anesthesiologist- You will have to inject an anesthetic to provide oral pain relief in some lengthy dental procedures. First, you will have to analyze the patient’s medical history to determine if they are safe for it and then explain the process and prepare him/her for the anesthetic. After the treatment, you will help the patient safely recover. You will require a bachelor’s degree and have to attend dental school for four years. You will also have to complete a two-year residency in dental anesthesiology.
  5. Dental hygienist- You will clean the patient’s teeth, examine the causes and the signs of dental diseases, and treat them by deep cleaning. You will also educate your patient about how to maintain and improve oral hygiene. Some cleanings can be pretty lengthy, so you may have to inject an anesthetic. You will also coordinate with other dentists on the formulation of the treatment plans and schedule the appointments. You must hold an associate degree by acquiring hands-on experience professionally and in the classroom.
  6. Medical receptionist- You will be handling clerical activities like fixing appointments, answering phone calls, and checking in patients. The confidentiality and privacy of the patients’ data will be your responsibility. You must hold a GED degree or a high school diploma. Knowledge of dental terminology and procedure is preferred.

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