What Does a Dental Office Manager Do?

A dental office

The nature of a dental office is very fast-paced. Therefore, the individuals working at a dental office also need to be very fast-paced, proactive, and on top of their tasks. Most of such responsibility comes under the command of a dental office manager.

If you’re planning on becoming a dental office manager, here is a list of your duties and responsibilities:

The skills

A dental office manager is quite literally a leader in the practice. As a dental office manager, you need to be extremely punctual, organized, and proactive. You need to understand the inner workings of the office and be able to come up with ideas to enhance workplace productivity.

This is why most dental assistants are eventually promoted to become dental office managers. Dental office managers also need to have a strong sense of leadership and the ability to manage things. You’ll be solely responsible for managing most of the dental office affairs and ensuring that the workflow is on track.

The duties

Some of the most common duties of a dental office manager include supervising the dental staff, coordinating with the patients for their treatment, and assisting in appointment management.

 At the same time, you’ll also be responsible for a wide range of administrative duties. These include policy-making and enforcement, creating schedules, and systems to have it all in place. You’ll need to do everything that it takes to create and ensure a pleasant environment for the patients and staff alike. You’ll have to keep the team focused on the objectives.


Other than the administrative duties, a dental office manager also needs to deal with people. You’d need excellent communication, written, and verbal skills to develop a rapport with the stakeholders.

You’d also need to be a great problem solver. You might need to make appropriate financial arrangements for the patients, vendors, and relevant insurance companies. You might even have to accommodate last-minute appointments and cancelations. There will be conflicts between the staff members. You’ll need to strike the right balance between being calm, patient, and creative!

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