What Factors Influence A Dental Assistant Salary?

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You may aspire to become a dental assistant because of the promising career it offers. It is an emerging profession with multiple growth opportunities. However, you should know that this position includes both administrative and clinical duties. As a dental assistant, you can earn a decent salary. However, several factors like your place of residence and your education can have a huge impact on your remuneration. Read this blog to know how these factors can affect your earnings.

Following are the factors that influence a dental assistant’s salary:

  1. Geography- Your earnings as a dental assistant may differ from one region of the country to another. These variations in salary may occur even between two metropolitan areas in the same state. Therefore, you do not have to necessarily relocate too far to earn a higher income.
  2. Education- There are several ways to become a dental assistant. You can complete a diploma/certificate program or an associate degree and acquire the required knowledge and skills for the job. In some areas, you may not need any formal education to work as a dental assistant. In such cases, you obtain the skills through on-job training. However, completing an accredited dental assisting program will help you earn a professional certification, widening your job opportunities. Also, employers are more likely to hire a certified and educated dental assistant over someone who will have to be trained on the job. It is because a certified assistant will have all the primary dental knowledge.
  3. Certifications- A certificate is an evidence that you have acquired the proper knowledge and skills for the job. It also proves your commitment to your career and the quality of your service. If you get the right certifications, you will surely grow in your career and start earning more. Moreover, if you have all the required certificates, it will also be easier for you to work in another state in the future.
  4. Experience and position- If you are versatile enough, you may receive a job offer for a broad-ranging position that will need you to take more responsibility, fetching you a higher salary. However, one of the most common factors that can help you earn more is experience. More experience means improved ease with treating patients. Therefore, employers tend to hire experienced dental assistants. But, if you are a fresher, you should not worry, as, over time, your salary will increase as you gain experience.
  5. Workplace- Some dental practices are very small and intimate, whereas others are like large offices with multiple clinics across the state. Your responsibility can vary depending on the size and type of your employer. Small-scale dental clinics may not pay a high salary to a dental assistant or may not even hire one. However, larger dental clinics may pay you a good salary and, in fact, hire more than one dental assistant.

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